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How we came to be owned by Mastiffs
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Some years ago Tracey and I set up home in sunny North London and decided that the time was right to give a home to a canine companion. This started some thought as to what breed of dog we would like to have and after some thought we decided that our own requirements were for a loving companion which was sociable with people and other dogs. Another quality which was important to us was that the dog capable of 'looking after' Tracey as at the time I was a shift worker often leaving Tracey home alone.
I can't really remember how but a Doberman was decided upon and having previously had Dealings with the R.S.P.C.A we both decided it would be nice to give a home to a homeless dog so off we went to the local centre.
Once at the R.S.P.C.A centre surprisingly (to us anyway) there were I think two or three Dobie's each of which barked loudly as you approached their kennels. As we walked up to the last one We kneeled down and gazed in at the poor chap expecting the usual barked reply. Samson just looked us in the eyes and said " get me out of here please and i'll love you". Well that was it we knew he was for us and as I walked him up and down in the grounds he looked up nervously but obviously desperately not wanting to leave my side . Home he came.
Samson was a very nervous dog having previously been a cruelty case but he knew a good thing when he saw it and quickly, over maybe six months he became a confident guard and loyal companion welcoming guests and keeping a close eye on Tracey in my absence.
On the 6th of march 1995 at the age of nine years Samson was taken suddenly ill and having been rushed to the Vet's and undergone an emergency operation he died from Gastric Torsion leaving a terrible hole in our lives.
A few months later Tracey and I realised that we could not live without a dog as we missed the love and companionship which he had given us , as well as the times spent over the park watching Samson play with all of the other dogs which was always lovely to see and important to both of us .
Serious negotiations were entered in to as to what breed of dog we would like to home and quickly much to my surprise agreement was reached that we would like another Guarding breed, especially as Tracey was now missing the companionship and security she had felt whilst being looked after by Samson. Both of us agreed that although we thought that the Doberman was a wonderful Breed we could not possibly replace Samson and another 'type' of friend was going to have to be found.
Tracey and I recalled that we had been fortunate enough to spend 2 weeks Ski-ing in Lake Tahoe California where we had stayed at the Super 8 Motel. One morning in week two after a heavy snowfall we had left our room ready to set off for the slopes and as we walked up to our Hire Car we had seen a monster walk out of a room below us and jump on to the back of a flat back truck. As is normal for the both of us we wandered up to the the dogs American owner and made the usual enquiry you make re a 14 stone juvenile "Is it friendly" we asked. At this came the usual enthusiastic reply from a Mastiff owner and introductions were made as we were informed that the bitch was an ' English Mastiff' . This is of course what we in the U.K usually call a Mastiff or sometimes even an Old English Mastiff. We were a little suprised as although we were in fact English we had never actually met an English Mastiff. Unfortunately the Bitch and her human companion had to go but I remember thinking now that is a dog .
Well as you can guess during our serious negotiations what pops up but "do you remember that lovely Mastiff bitch we met in Tahoe" mmm best we do some research here !
One book on dog breeds and another on the English Mastiff later it was decided that there were two possibles The Mastiff and the Newfoundland both seemed to fit the bill as , loving companions, friendly towards people (excluding burglars and weirdos) and sociable with other animals as well as good house dog (protector of all). The Mastiff won by a short hair owing to the fact that unlike the Newfoundland it was not a water lover (boy did we get that wrong) and the Mastiff obviously had a shorter coat.
Knowing nothing but keen to learn we contacted the Kennel club for a list of registered breeders and their puppies, having at that time no knowledge of the existence of breed clubs and thinking that the Kennel Club list would be some guarantee of the quality of breeder and stock ( oops got it wrong again we learned the hard way). A couple of weeks later we were the very proud owners of a 12 week old brindle Mastiff Bitch called Rosie who is now nearly four years old and has turned out to be a wonderful dog who loves our cats but unfortunately a little bit on the small side and far from 'the breed standard'.
To this day Rosie is the most wonderful companion to Tracey, myself and our three cats, one of whom Frank (named after Frankinstien) absolutely dotes on Rosie as for some perverted reason he loves large dogs even when he has been pinned to the floor by them. You may also have seen Rosie on the T.V as the dog in the Heart 106.2 radio station advert if you live in either the London or Birmingham T.V areas, Rosie loved making the advert and was particularly happy in the company of the actress in the ad 'who as it happened gave her loads of treats'. Recently things have moved on and we are now seriously hooked. We have since been joined by another Mastiff who you can see on the home page 'Hunter' is now over 3 years old and is a regular on the show scene. Hunter was named by Tracey after the Gladiator Hunter, apparently because our Hunter is going to be Big Blonde and Beautiful ( I think my missus likes that Gladiator). We have sinced moved out of London and Hunter is lucky enough to enjoy acres of countryside and both he and Rosie like nothing more than a run over the heath or a visit to the village pub where they are always welcome. Since this story is about how we came to be owned by Mastiffs and not about Hunter we'll leave that Story for those of you may like to read some more.

In loving memory of 'Rosie' passed away 27th March 2001 but never forgotten.

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